Minorities in Israel

News Fit to Frame: Jodi Rudoren on National Service in Israel

If 62 percent of Arabs in Israel back the state's national service program, why does a New York Times story on the subject devote 82 percent of quoted words by Arabs to opponents of the program? The newspaper is forcing stories through its preferred frame.

Presspectiva Editor-in-Chief Published in Ha’aretz

Yishai Goldflam, editor-in-chief of Presspectiva, CAMERA's Hebrew Web site, published an Op-Ed column in Ha'aretz, faulting that paper and other Israeli media for spreading the falsehood that Israel maintains "Jewish-only" roads in the West Bank. This is significant, especially since the fiction of "Jewish-only" roads features prominently in "Israel apartheid" mythology and is frequently cited by anti-Israel and pro-BDS agitators.

Discriminatory Lies and Discriminatory Laws in The New York Times

The claim that Israel has 35 laws that discriminate against Arab citizens is a transparently false canard meant to delegitimize the Jewish state. But that did not prevent the New York Times from publishing it, in violation of codes of ethics requiring accuracy even in the opinion pages.

Mainliners Speak Truth to Jewish, Not Arab and Muslim, Power

Common Global Ministries, the overseas arm of two mainline Protestant churches in the U.S., tacitly admits its one-sided witness about human rights in the Middle East is motivated by fear of Islamist violence against Christians in the region.

Munther Isaac Contradicts Himself

In his response to an opinion piece by Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren, Palestinian Pastor Munther Isaac contradicts himself (and his fellow pastors) about the status of Christians in Palestinian society.

Ha’aretz and the Christmas Siege That Wasn’t

Ha'aretz music critic Noam Ben-Zeev once again writes about an imagined siege, this time in Bethlehem. He falsely claims that during the Christmas season, Palestinians may not enter or exit the city.

NPR Ombudsman’s Response to CAMERA Falls Short

NPR ombudsman Edward Schumacher-Matos agrees with CAMERA on some points regarding Sheera Frenkel's flawed broadcast. But failing to call for corrections suggests a negative trend backwards.

NPR Jaffa Story Alleges Israeli Plot to Eradicate Arabs

Sheera Frenkel's NPR story, based on distortions and omissions, charges Israel with a purported agenda "to have a purely Jewish state and to get rid of all Palestinians, the ones in the West Bank and in Israel," as one interviewee puts it.

Joseph Massad’s Falsehoods, Columbia’s Embarrassment

Joseph MassadJoseph Massad's "Truth, facts and facts on the ground" (Al Jazeera English) is remarkable for the sheer number of falsehoods by the Columbia professor that cast all blame for the Arab-Israeli conflict onto Israel, while portraying the Palestinians as blameless victims.