Christian Peacemaker’s Creepy Crush

When Christian peacemakers come into the presence of Palestinians who say hateful things against Israel and promote acts of violence against its citizens, some of these folks get really excited in an unwholesome sort of way. It’s creepy.

NYU Law School BDS Activists Mislead Peers

In light of the warped view of Israel NYU's Law Students for Justice in Palestine tries to hoist on fellow students, it's no wonder they don't want them to see Israel for themselves.

C-SPAN Provides Platform for Radical Activist Medea Benjamin

Activist Medea (formerly Susan) Benjamin maligns Israel and demands end to U.S.-Israel military alliance. She might be seen as living up to her self-assigned name, that of a mythological Greek enchantress and witch. Certainly her anti-U.S., anti-Israel mind-set relies on myths.

Washington Post Flotilla II Coverage Lost at Sea

 The Washington Post's reputation for investigative journalism, from 1970s Watergate coverage on, is well known. But when it comes to the story behind the much-hyped "Gaza aid flotilla II," The Post doesn't want to know. Late June reporting was a poor example for journalists and a disservice to readers.