Apartheid Canard,
BDS and Delegitimization

NYU Law School BDS Activists Mislead Peers

In light of the warped view of Israel NYU's Law Students for Justice in Palestine tries to hoist on fellow students, it's no wonder they don't want them to see Israel for themselves.

The Ideology and Rhetoric Behind the ASA Boycott

The American Studies Association votes to boycott the only Middle Eastern state that encourages vigorous and free academic debate. By blocking boycott opponents from presenting their arguments before the vote, the hypocrisy of the boycott supporters is exposed.

Bogus Bus Boycott

Haaretz was the latest media outlet to fall prey to false claims of BDS success. Veolia's move to close its bus routes in Israel was part of a business decision to globally cut transportation investments.

George Mason University Doesn’t Fall for Academic Dishonesty

George Mason University officials stood firm when a pair of anti-Israel propagandists tried to link the winter commencement speaker to 'illegal occupation' and Israel's 'apartheid wall.' American-Israeli business leader Shari Arison's talk at the Fairfax, Va. school went on, but smears against her and the Jewish state still must be exposed.

New York Times Op-Ed: Wipe Israel Off the Map

The New York Times seems intent on putting the very idea of Israel’s continued existence, the idea of real and functional Jewish national self-determination, up for debate. First it was an Op-Ed by Muammar Qaddafi calling for an end to Israel. Now it's a page one column by Ian Lustick.

AFP Falsely Reports Lenny Kravitz Boycotted Israel

One month after the Toronto Star commendably corrected that Meg Ryan and Bruce Willis never boycotted Israel, Agence France-Presse falsely reports that Lenny Kravitz canceled a visit to Israel in support of BDS.