Apartheid Canard,
BDS and Delegitimization

At the NYT, Seeing Israel Through a Jaundiced Eye

NYT journalists employ a singular set of criteria to assess racism in Israeli society versus others, similar to the double standard they use to condemn Israel for the sort of laws democratic countries routinely use to govern entry by foreigners into their borders.

New York Times Again Downplays BDS Extremism

BDS activists are open about their radical, rejectionist aims. So why does the New York Times pretend that the group is merely opposed to Israeli policies in the West Bank?

Ties Exist Between Hamas-linked Charities and BDS

A former U.S. Treasury Department terror analyst testified before the U.S. Congress on ties between the anti-Israel boycott, divestment and sanctions movement (BDS) and Hamas-linked charities.

NYU Law School BDS Activists Mislead Peers

In light of the warped view of Israel NYU's Law Students for Justice in Palestine tries to hoist on fellow students, it's no wonder they don't want them to see Israel for themselves.

The Ideology and Rhetoric Behind the ASA Boycott

The American Studies Association votes to boycott the only Middle Eastern state that encourages vigorous and free academic debate. By blocking boycott opponents from presenting their arguments before the vote, the hypocrisy of the boycott supporters is exposed.