Conflict and War

Los Angeles Times’ Journalism in ‘Smoking Ruins’

The Los Angeles Times' page-one story, "In war-ravaged Gaza, it's no business, as usual," is not journalism as usual. The article disregards basic journalistic requirements including the right of reply to criticism and the responsibility to correct errors.

The Washington Post Pushes a ‘One-State Solution’

While Hamas launches thousands of rockets at Israel, the Washington Post's opinion page decides to run a piece suggesting that the Jewish state shouldn't exist. In so doing, the Post glosses over the long history of persecution that Jews, pre-Israel, endured while subject to the whims of Middle Eastern rulers.

CAMERA Op-Ed: The Washington Post Conflates Hamas With a ‘Free Press’

A recent Washington Post column absurdly compared a targeted Israeli strike against an alleged Hamas operational center to an attack on the free press. But as CAMERA highlighted in JNS, there is no such thing as a free press in an area ruled by an autocratic terrorist group. Further, there is considerable evidence to suggest that Hamas did operate out of the building in question.

AFP: Israelis in the South ‘Got Used To’ Rocket Attacks

One does not get used to being under rocket fire anymore than one gets used to domestic violence, sexual abuse, or any other trauma which harms a person's sense of well-being, security and safety, and which inflicts long-term emotional scars.