Conflict and War

Los Angeles Times: Israelis Died, Palestinians Killed

According to The Los Angeles Times, some 1400 Israeli side "died" in the Israel-Hamas war while some 9000 Palestinians were "killed." With this egregious whitewash of Hamas' ISIS-like atrocities, ethical journalism dies alongside 1400 Israelis.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Hamas’ Strategy? Human Sacrifice

Hamas has a new strategy: human sacrifice. As one former Pentagon official has noted, it is innovative in the worst way. And as CAMERA tells the Washington Times, the terrorist group is counting on the media to help.
Queen Rania of Jordan

Open letter to Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan

An open letter to Queen Rania of Jordan, who in a CNN interview decried alleged Israeli "shelling" of Palestinian civilians in Gaza, raising the question of whether she is aware of how her late father-in-law King Hussein defeated a PLO uprising in Jordan by shelling and flattening Palestinian refugee camps, and expelling many of the survivors, including PLO Chairman Yasir Arafat, to Lebanon.

CNN Leaves ICC Prosecutor’s Questionable Claims Unchallenged

Media outlets, including CNN, cannot simply treat UN and ICC figures as neutral, unbiased sources whose claims can be left uncontextualized or unchallenged. In times of war, journalists must be extra careful, too. To do otherwise is to risk playing a part in Hamas’ cynical use of human shields and civilian deaths.

NPR Runs Interference for Palestinian Terrorist Regime

Focusing on NPR's coverage of a single incident – the deadly explosion that took place near the Al-Ahli hospital in Hamas-run Gaza – this detailed analysis is a case study of the methods NPR reporters use to bolster an anti-Israel narrative and run interference for Israel’s enemies.