Conflict and War

UPI Belatedly Acknowledges: Hamas Attacked Kerem Shalom Crossing

Two days after UPI’s Adam Schrader completely ignored that Hamas fired rockets towards Kerem Shalom even as he blamed Israel exclusively for the humanitarian crises facing Gazans, CAMERA prompts the news agency to cover the terror organization’s deadly attack on the crossing for the first time.

These News Outlets Spread the “Plausible Genocide” Libel

When the International Court of Justice issued an order on January 26 in the “genocide” case between South Africa and Israel, it soon became common knowledge that the ICJ had found it “plausible” that Israel was committing “genocide.” This common knowledge, however, was in fact a myth.

CNN Article Errs and Misleads on Gaza Humanitarian Aid

A CNN graphic, and the preceding text, suggests that the daily average number of trucks bringing food into Gaza now is less than half of what it was before October 7. In fact, the truth is precisely the opposite. Substantially more trucks are bringing food into Gaza today than were a year ago.

Tucker Carlson’s assault on American Christian support for Israel

Under the guise of advocating for Palestinian Christians, Tucker Carlson launched a two-pronged assault on American Christian support for the Jewish State. To provide legitimacy for his campaign, he enlisted the help of Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac, a notorious propagandist for the Palestinian anti-Israel narrative.

CAMERA Op-Ed: What the Damascus Strike Tells Us

Israel allegedly struck a building next to a consulate in Damascus. The strike took out top operatives from Iran's IRGC. And as CAMERA tells the Washington Examiner, the strike tells us much about the current state of play in the Middle East.

The Rape Deniers

Where there are anti-Jewish atrocities, there are deniers. And on Oct 7, there were atrocities. Countless acts of murder and mutilation — and brutal acts of sexual violence by the Palestinian attackers. Cue the deniers and their manipulations.