Conflict and War

Peace and Prosperity in the West Bank? (2009)

Produced by Brian Epstein, Brenda Breslauer and Monica Iskander NOW (PBS) Host: David Bracaccio 60 minutes Aired on July 10, 2009
This review looks at two incisive documentaries: that aired on PBS, one about efforts to build peace in Jenin and the other about Israeli reservists who served during war with Lebanon and Gaza.

Ha’aretz Senseless on Gaza

Ha’aretz again launches a campaign of erroneous accusations about Israel, this time concerning restrictions on goods entering the Gaza Strip. Among this week's falsehoods: Israel prohibits the entry of diapers and toilet paper and has just one crossing to transfer goods.

George Bisharat’s Kangaroo Court

George BisharatGeorge Bisharat, a law professor at UC Hastings, has the very unfortunate habit of leveling blatantly false charges in his anti-Israel op-eds, which just as unfortunately sometimes get published in major newspapers.

Charges of IDF “Wanton Killing” Crumble

The brigade commander of the unit linked to alleged “wanton killings” in Gaza launched his own investigation after hearing of the charges. He spoke with actual eyewitnesses who said that the alleged killings did not take place.

Jimmy Carter’s Second Draft

Jimmy Carter noticeably toned down his rhetoric in his most recent book; but the text – an obvious attempt to sanitize Hamas’ hostility and violence – is still filled with errors of fact and marred by egregious omissions.