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Against Israel

Phyllis Bennis’ Israel Problem

Arguing in the Los Angeles Times Web site that Israel's "fundamental policy towards the Palestinians" is land "theft," Phyllis Bennis is compelled to ignore Israel's Gaza withdrawal and multiple offers to turn over almost the entire West Bank.

CAMERA Op-Ed: With Friends Like These

As condemnation of the Jewish state in the media becomes more and more extreme, those leveling the charges are proclaiming themselves to be the true friends of Israel.

CAMERA Letter Refutes J Street Op-Ed in Washington Post

J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami used a Washington Post Op-Ed to recommend "redefining" what it means to be pro-Israel. He employed several strawmen arguments to make his case. CAMERA's rebuttal letter, featured under The Post's "Taking Exception" heading, spotlighted the evasions in Ben-Ami's claims.  

Washington Post Whitewashes J Street, Theater J in Same Issue

 J Street, the "pro-Israel, pro-peace" lobby often pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel, and the District of Columbia Jewish Community Center's Theater J, which has staged anti-Israel agitprop in the name of art, get sanitized in the same Washington Post edition.