Top Ten MidEast Media Mangles for 2015

This year, the media have blundered all too many times in reporting on the Middle East. There were, unfortunately, countless potential "winners," but after careful consideration, CAMERA has identified the media's ten biggest bungles.

Are Israelis Allowed to Defend Themselves?

knivesAfter numerous deadly Palestinian attacks against Israelis, PA leader Mahmoud Abbas seems to be outraged that in self-defense Israelis sometimes kill their attackers. Does he believe that successful self-defense somehow unjustly denies Palestinians their rights?

Media Silent on Palestinian Leaders’ Incitement to Violence

As Palestinian leaders wielding falsehoods, and in some cases brandishing knives, exhort their people to stab, stone, run down, burn, axe and butcher Jews in Israel and around the world, mainstream news media overwhelmingly neglect to report the content, pervasiveness and impact of this incitement, making them little better than accomplices in the resulting violence.