NBC Joins the Tamimi Propaganda Campaign

This week, NBC became the latest media outlet to join the Tamimi propaganda campaign, following a clichéd and partisan template that downplays Ahed's calls for violence and whitewashes the Palestinian struggle as one against "the occupation,” rather than against Israel in any borders.

The Making of a Terrorist

On Aug. 2, 2017, a Palestinian teenager savagely stabbed a man stocking shelves in a Yavne supermarket, leaving the victim fighting for his life. Instead of portraying such brutality as "lone wolf" attacks, as the media often does, CAMERA suggests journalists examine the connection between Palestinian summer camps and the making of a terroist.

Backgrounder: The Battle Over Jerusalem and the Temple Mount

Once again, the dishonest battle cry to "defend" the Al Aqsa mosque from Jewish plans of takeover, is being cynically used  as a clarion call for violent jihad. It is the latest salvo in a war against Judaism's legacy in Jerusalem. CAMERA provides background on the battle over the Temple Mount, which is based on Muslim claims of supremacy and fought on multiple political and violent battlefronts.