New York Times Denying Palestinian Hate Indoctrination

In a lengthy feature about disillusioned Palestinian youth who turn to violence, there is almost no mention of the anti-Israel indoctrination on state-sponsored, radio, music videos, universities, and summer camps.

Fatah Follows “Moderate” Abbas’ Instructions

A suicide attack in Eilat followed a speech by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to a Fatah rally two weeks earlier exhorting Palestinians to avoid internecine fighting and direct their arms at Israeli "occupation" instead.

Whistling in the Dark at KC-based NCR

Like some Christian publications in the 1930s and 40s, the National Catholic Reporter is gambling its credibility—and perhaps Jewish lives—by downplaying overt threats to the Jewish people.

Overview of Recent NPR Bias

Listeners asked to donate to NPR should consider its continuing, slanted coverage of the Arab-Israeli conflict, as well as its lopsided reporting about Jewish American and Muslim American concerns.

BACKGROUNDER: Hezbollah’s Media Weapon

Over the past six years, Hezbollah's use of the media against Israel has intensified. In addition to Al Manar television, the organization's official propaganda instrument, Hezbollah utilizes other Arab news stations and even the international press. CAMERA describes how Hezbollah has employed the media to convey its message to the world.

Hassan Nasrallah: In His Own Words

The Shiite leader of Hezbollah has a vast Iranian budget to pursue his anti-Israel and anti-American agenda. The terrorist leader uses these resources to incite attacks on Jews, Israel, and the U.S.

Philadelphia Inquirer Discovers Hate Education – by Israelis

On July 22, the Philadelphia Inquirer published an unsigned editorial that, with unabashed moral equivalency, obscures the differences between Israel and its neighbors in terms of hate education, and erases the asymmetry between Israel and Hezbollah.

Noam Chomsky’s Support for Hezbollah

On May 8, 2006, MIT Professor Noam Chomsky began an eight-day visit to Lebanon, receiving a hero's wecome. He met with Hezbollah leaders, embraced them and repeated their rhetoric, publicly rejecting their disarming (contrary to UNSC Resolution 1559). Now that the terrorist group has launched a war, he mildly rebukes them as "irresponsible" but continues to wish them well.