United Nations on Israel

UNESCO Erases Jewish Connection to Temple Mount, Kotel

On April 15, UNESCO, a United Nations organization charged with protecting cultural, religious and historic sites, adopted a historically absurd resolution ignoring Jewish ties to the holy religious site of the Temple Mount and the Western Wall area in Jerusalem's Old City

CAMERA Op-Ed: The New York Times Guide to Peace Negotiations

Whether discussing Palestinian demands or Israeli demands, Palestinian rejection of Israeli positions or Israeli rejection of Palestinian positions, the newspaper identifies the same party as the obstacle to successful peace talks — Israel. Compare ;how the newspaper reports the positions of each side.

Phyllis Bennis’ Israel Problem

Arguing in the Los Angeles Times Web site that Israel's "fundamental policy towards the Palestinians" is land "theft," Phyllis Bennis is compelled to ignore Israel's Gaza withdrawal and multiple offers to turn over almost the entire West Bank.

Prof. Hixson Takes the High Road to Hate Mongering

Those looking to incite hate toward Israel can choose the crude path, or opt for a more highbrow route. While Kent State's Julio Pino opted for the former, University of Akron's Walter Hixson weighs in with a somewhat more polished bit of anti-Israel agitprop.

AP’s Twisted Coverage of Direct Talks

An erroneous Associated Press statement this week that "Israelis and Palestinians have refused to hold any directs talks" is consistently contradicted by a year of AP articles which repeatedly demonstrate that Israel called for immediate, direct talks.