United Nations on Israel

Carter, Goldstone and Gaza

In an Op-Ed in the International Herald Tribune, Jimmy Carter enthusiastically endorses Goldstone's Report, grossly inflating the extent of destruction and the number of displaced Gazans, among other errors which require correction.

The Goldstone Report: A Study in Duplicity

CAMERA lists and describes some of the many examples of  factual errors and double standards in the Goldstone Report. The piece continues to be updated with additional information.

CAMERA Analyst Interviewed On Janet Parshall’s America

In a September 22, 2009 appearance on Janet Parshall's America, CAMERA analyst Dexter Van Zile recounts some of the problems with the Goldstone Report, which gave unwarranted credence to Hamas' claims of Israeli wrongdoing.

Is the Goldstone Report Escalating the Conflict?

Israeli commentators are sounding the alarm on the potentially devastating consequences of the Goldstone report on the stability of the situation in the West Bank. Outside of Israel, the media has fallen behind on evolving events.