Coverage of Yassin Killing Too Often Omits Key Information

Within the vast coverage of Israel's targeted killing of Hamas leader Sheik Ahmed Yassin and its possible implications for the Middle East, there are several important points that tend to be overlooked or de-emphasized in the media.

In Their Own Words: Hamas Leaders

Hamas, according to the United States government and the European Union, is a terrorist organization. The group preaches and practices violence and regularly espouses Israel’s annihilation. Long before Israel’s policy of targeting top Hamas leaders, the group adopted the use of terror. Indeed, the group practiced terrorism before and after Oslo, the road map, and the truce agreement (the “hudna”).

CAMERA Column: Alienating Readers at the Times

"The harm done by Jayson Blair in The New York Times newsroom may, in the end, be offset by a bit of good it does elsewhere. The incident is serving as a wake-up call for journalism, prompting many papers ... to redouble efforts at accuracy and accountability," wrote Christine Chinlund, the Boston Globe ombudsman, in a soul-searching column on media accountability.

Laura King’s Blind Spot

In a striking display of tunnel vision, Los Angeles Times Jerusalem correspondent Laura King missed the plainly clear evidence that many Palestinian residents of Gaza resent Hamas for endangering their neighborhoods by launching attacks against Israel from the area.

BBC’s Profiles Obscure Reality

More than a year ago (2001-2002), BBC posted on its Web site several profiles of Middle Eastern leaders and groups. The profiles whitewashed Palestinian terrorist figures while, at the same time, harshly disparaging the Israeli prime minister. Despite letters to BBC about its unfair and biased features, the profiles remain unrevised on the Web site. Unfortunately, the misinformation in these features has been quoted and repeated as fact in English language newspapers across the world. For BBC to post such blatantly biased profiles is a violation of its own ethical code of impartiality, accuracy and fairness.

Chris Hedges, Harper’s, and Israel

Chris Hedges' "A Gaza Diary: Scenes from the Palestinian Uprising," published in the September/October edition of Harper's, is severely marred by material errors and grave anti-Israel bias.