A Sad But Incomplete Story

Lynne Hybels from Willow Creek Church told a sad and moving tale about a home demolition in Jerusalem. It was not the whole story.

BBC Derails on Jerusalem Tram Story

Writing for the BBC, freelance travel writer Matthew Teller misleads readers about the history of Jerusalem, about international law, and about present-day Jerusalem with a story about the city's new light rail.

CBS “60 Minutes” Rebroadcasts Jerusalem Propaganda Piece

In October 2010, Lesley Stahl of CBS News's "60 Minutes" broadcast an overtly biased segment about Jerusalem's City Of David." Despite public outrage , CBS chose to thumb its nose at viewers and rebroadcast it on June 6, 2011. Read CAMERA's analysis.

CAMERA Responds to BBC in Spectator

In an essay published in the Spectator, a British news magazine, CAMERA critiques the latest disingenuous attempt by the BBC to defend its one-sided documentary about Jerusalem.

Silwan Distortions in the Israeli Press

Israeli newspapers and online news sites were kept busy this past Friday (Oct. 8, 2010) discussing an incident where two rock-throwing Palestinian youths were stuck by a car driven by David Be'eri (Davida'leh), the chairman of the Elad association. Some Israeli media outlets were so eager to demonize the Elad leader and indeed Elad in general that they forgot to practice good journalism.

Bias by CNN Correspondent Ben Wedeman More than Just a Tweet

CNN Senior International Correspondent Ben Wedeman recently used his Twitter account to promote an anti-Israel rant by polemicist Juan Cole. Shortly thereafter, he engaged in some biased reporting of his own, stating that east Jerusalem belongs to the Palestinians and claiming that Israel needs to be convinced to start direct negotiations with Palestinians.

Celebrating Jerusalem Amidst Denial of Jewish Rights

Jerusalem Day commemorates Israel's 1967 liberation of Judaism's holy sites and Jerusalem's subsequent reunification. Amid the celebrations are familiar Arab denials of Jewish connection to Jerusalem and a new U.S. approach toward the conflict that has fueled controversy in 2010.