Historical Amnesia at the Financial Times

The Financial Times ignores the history of eastern Jerusalem, denying Jewish historical, legal and religious connection to the city, while validating Palestinian claims.

Economist Defends Jerusalem Article

The Economist responded to CAMERA's critique of its one-sided and distorted article on Jerusalem. But despite an editor’s assertion that the Economist "always strives to present a fair picture," the magazine's defense merely reinforced the article’s unfair, partisan attitude.

Economist Demonizes Israel with Racist Traffic Light Accusation

The Economist, with Al Jazeera hot on its heels, has dug up a new Israeli villain: traffic lights. The news organizations allege Jerusalem traffic lights oppress Arabs with long red signals. In fact, Jewish and Arab traffic on major roads takes precedence over Jewish and Arab traffic on smaller roads.

On Jerusalem, Wiesel: 1, DeKoven Ezrahi: 0

In a letter in the International Herald Tribune, Sidra DeKoven Ezrahi defies Elie Wiesel "to find three Muslim families in all of West Jerusalem." The Jerusalem resident thereby erases from existence nearly 4,000 Muslims, including her neighbors.

Akiva Eldar Clueless in Jerusalem

Ha'aretz veteran writer Akiva Eldar is befuddled on Jerusalem, falsely claiming that West Bank Muslims and Christians cannot visit the holy sites and that only east Jerusalem women and children may enter the Temple Mount.

The Economist Parrots Propaganda About Jerusalem

If the Economist's latest on Jerusalem meant to educate readers about the complexities of the city, it failed miserably. If its goal was to promote an inaccurate, unfair and one-sided account of current events, it sadly succeeded.

AP’s Historical Revisionism on Jerusalem

AP's ahistorical claim that conflict over eastern Jerusalem began only when Israel captured the area from Jordan in 1967 has yet to be corrected. In fact, the conflict raged in 1948, and even earlier.