CAMERA Op-Eds and Letters

CAMERA Op-Ed: New Golda Film Offers Gritty Look at Yom Kippur War

Guy Nattiv's new film, Golda, profiles the Israeli premier at the height of the Yom Kippur War. As CAMERA tells the Washington Examiner, the movie is both gritty and realistic. And Helen Mirren's portrayal of Golda is both convincing and memorable.

CAMERA Op-Ed: The Legacy of Elie Wiesel

Winston Churchill called the Holocaust a "crime without a name." Elie Wiesel, one of its most eloquent survivors, would spend the rest of his life trying to find the words to describe what for many seemed incomprehensible. As CAMERA tells the Washington Free Beacon: that Wiesel often succeeded is a testament to his greatness.

CAMERA Op-Ed: What Led Israel to Go Into Jenin

At the beginning of July, Israeli Defense Forces launched a major counterterrorist operation in Jenin. Many mainstream news outlets failed to provide essential context about the raid. As CAMERA tells the Washington Examiner, the Palestinian Authority's support for terrorism, both implicit and otherwise, have given the leading state sponsor of terror, Iran, an opening to attack Israel.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Here’s How the Washington Post Emboldens Terrorist Groups

The Washington Post is running a veritable “Committee to Investigate Israel.” Despite being cash-strapped and resource starved, the newspaper has launched multiple costly “investigations” into IDF counter terror raids in Judea and Samaria. And all omit crucial facts while relying on distorted statistics.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Whither Abbas?

The U.S.-backed Palestinian Authority is led by an unpopular kleptocrat, Mahmoud Abbas. But as CAMERA tells Jewish Policy Center's InFocus Magazine, the end of Abbas's rule is coming, one way or the other. And the U.S. would be well advised to plan for the chaos that is likely to follow.