Apartheid, BDS and Delegitimization

Toronto Star Corrects: Bruce Willis Never Boycotted Israel

CAMERA prompts a Toronto Star correction stating that Bruce Willis never boycotted Israel. The paper's public editor details how the reporter was misled by a pro-BDS Web site, and describes CAMERA's role in setting the record straight.

Lost in Translation: Ha’aretz Corrects ‘Nakba Law’

CAMERA's Israeli staff prompted a timely correction of the latest case of "Lost in Translation." The original Hebrew edition correctly reported on the "Nakba Law," while English translators recreated it as something much more sweeping than it actually is.

Washington Post Also Corrects “Jewish-Only Roads” Falsehood

The Washington Post joined others in correcting the false statement that Israel has a "practice of reserving some roads for Jews." Roads are "open to all Israeli citizens and to other nationals, regardless of religious background," the Post clarified.

“Jewish Only Road” Falsehood Corrected

After wrongly referring to "Israel's practice of reserving some roads for Jews," the AP corrected its wording. But not before one newspaper published the erroneous language.