Apartheid Canard,
BDS and Delegitimization

CAMERA Op-Ed in CS Monitor Addresses ‘Apartheid Week’

CAMERA's column in the Christian Science Monitor explains why "Israeli Apartheid Week" is a regressive concept, and is not about helping Palestinians but rather eliminating the Jewish people's national self-determination.

ReVista Op-Ed in Ynet: “Demonizing Israel in Spain”

The daily newspaper El Paí­s is considered the “leader of the mainstream press in Spain.” Its correspondent in Israel, Juan Miguel Muñoz, poisons Spanish understanding of the conflict with his consistently anti-Israel coverage.

BDS, Academic/Cultural Boycott of Israel, and Omar Barghouti

As anti-Israel extremists prepare to bring their propaganda campaign to campuses across North America under the rubric of "Israeli Apartheid Week," CAMERA analyzes the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) movement and its goal of dismantling the Jewish state.

Washington Post Also Corrects “Jewish-Only Roads” Falsehood

The Washington Post joined others in correcting the false statement that Israel has a "practice of reserving some roads for Jews." Roads are "open to all Israeli citizens and to other nationals, regardless of religious background," the Post clarified.

Anna Baltzer – Jewish Defamer of Israel

Anna Baltzer is a Jew who makes false charges against Israel. This puts her in high demand as a speaker at churches and universities who relish a Jew condemning Israel.

Ha’aretz’s Ode to an ‘Apartheid Road’

CAMERA photographs Palestinian private cars, taxis, buses, trucks and pedestrians on Route 505 in the West Bank, dubbed "an exemplary apartheid road -- for Jews only" by Ha'aretz's Noam Ben-Zeev.