Reuters Corrects Six Day War Jerusalem Infographic

CAMERA prompts important corrections to Reuters' Six Day War anniversary infographic which had erased Judaism's ties to Jerusalem and omitted the city's Arab population of over 65,000 in 1948 and 1961.

CAMERA Prompts AP Correction: Jerusalem is Israel’s Capital

CAMERA's Israel office prompted a correction of an Associated Press article that incorrectly identified Tel Aviv as Israel's capital. This was a case of an error in the journalistic practice of naming a nation's capital as shorthand for the country's government, i.e. mistakenly using "Tel Aviv" as shorthand for Israel's capital instead of "Jerusalem."

Travel to Alternative Jerusalem Reality in International New York Times (Updated)

An International New York Times feature today features a Jerusalem tour "billed as 'doco-theatrical journeys' into alternative realities." The alternative reality of Jerusalem which journalist Debra Kamin describes unrecognizable. Editors are following up on CAMERA's concerns.

Sept. 15 update: CAMERA prompts correction.